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The Cool Kids Meditation Series Blue Star Dragon Poster & Audio. Help your child relax and sleep better with this child meditation strategy. 

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Blue Star Dragon and the Golden Grids

Never thought you could get your child into mindfulness and meditation.

Let the Star Dragon Meditation series help you.

Welcome to Thuban Draconis, the blue star dragon.

As you read and listen to the story meditation, simply get your child to breathe in and out throughout the meditation, but when they breathe out ask them to imagine they are blowing out blue breath, this will calm and relax your child’s brain, and prepare them for a better sleep.

Introducing Thuban Draconis, he is the blue star dragon, from the Draco star constellation. And in this imaginative story meditation, Thuban comes down from his star, and takes your child on a magical journey, to the golden pyramids, connected by magical golden grids. Once at the land of the golden pyramids, we meet Stilio, the red lizard who comes with us on our journey.

The story takes your child down the pyramids, covered in golden thread. Once at the bottom, they stand on one of the golden grid lines connecting each pyramid, and using the blue breathing techniques, they can turn into whatever they wish, using their imagination.

With each meditation we combine imagination and breathing techniques, to calm your child’s mind, giving them strength and skill to overcome their uncomfortable emotions in life. We take your child on a meditation story to help them to use their imagination, to create a safe space for their brain to process emotions and stress dump, and fully embrace everything their imagination allows them to.

The breathing techniques and imagination then switches on the Vagus nerve. Each dragon is a special dragon for your child, brought down from the stars to help them sleep peacefully and free from nightmares. The trick of the meditation story is to use the breathing techniques given throughout, and with Thuban we use blue breathing.

The breathing technique empties your child’s brain of any adrenalin at the end of the day and refills it full of oxygen. Your child will become calm and relaxed and become more confident as they process emotions better in their sleep.

Each pack includes:

  • 1 x A2 poster
  • MP3 downloadable file
  • Cost includes free UK p&p

MP3 downloadable upon receipt of payment.