About me

Hi I’m Nicola Parkinson.

I work primarily as an osteopath in my own clinic in Wiltshire.

Over the past 20 years I have had a very important and very beautiful journey with Meditation and mindfulness, that has led to me to this point in my life, a point where I am hoping to begin to guide teenagers to a better more healthier way of thinking and looking at the world.

It started in my 20’s when I first discovered meditating and used to go to classes to help with my anxiety. I found it very beneficial and it began to help me cope in my every day life. The older I got the more I realised how normal life was stressful, even just the ordinary things like getting up and going to work every day to earn money, never mind when the more stressful things turned up uninvited.

In life I have found myself in various corners, where there didn’t seem to be any obvious way out or any easy solution to the problem I found myself in at that time. It was in these moments of my life I had no choice other then to turn to meditation and go deep inside to seek out answers nobody else could give me the solution to. It was in the seemingly darkest moments of my life that I gained the most insight about the strength I had within me. Somehow the answers were always inside of me, I just needed to stop and listen for a while. These are some of the most important and pivotal points in my life. Building a relationship with your mind, body and spirit to me is essential in life and one of the only ways you will sometimes get the answers to the hardest questions you have.

My journey has led me here, to help teenagers in life, as I know this is a particular tough time on some of you. If I can pass on my love and enthusiasm for meditation and mindfulness, you won’t go far wrong in life, and, you will always have the will and strength to get you through whatever it is you need to. Let us go on a journey together to find who you are. It’s an honour in life to have a relationship with yourself before any other relationship you have. To get to know yourself is one of the best journeys you will ever go on in your life. To travel inwards will take you on the most fascinating insights you will have in your life. It will benefit you and all those around you as you spread the feeling of peace and happiness around you. You will count on yourself and when you recognise in someone else they do not operate like this you can identify it and not take on other people’s negative energy. It has been a lifetimes journey for me so far and one that will continue to help me through my every day life way into my future. So lets go and explore who you are…… the beautiful world inside your mind, body and spirit….. I can’t wait.


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