What is cool kids about?

Cool Kids with Cool Minds is a 12-week meditation and mindfulness programme. Each section is designed to help your child recognise and identify with their own emotions & difficulties. The course teaches them how to find their personality, and, get to know their strengths and weaknesses as a person.

Meditation and mindfulness teaches them how to go inside themselves and listen to their own mind and body.  This then helps them to connect the mind & body with their emotions and how they react to the stressful things in life. Using the techniques, they can learn how to deal with stress in a better and healthier way, resulting in a better outcome for your child.

The course is also designed to help your child understand their changing brain, and, to identify and explore all the different kinds of emotions they begin to experience as an adult, when they are still an adolescent.  We help them to recognise what their feeling’s mean, and with the help of the course, what technique’s will then help them process the emotion/feeling, so they can deal with life in a better way. This teaches them that a problem can be resolved, and, that the stressful problem they feel they have, can be turned around into a better one.

Building a child’s confidence is important in life and as a parent you can be part of that process, as making decisions is a necessary part of adulthood. Teaching children these techniques at adolescence takes advantage of the plasticity of the brain and develops a set of coping mechanisms to last throughout life, and, helps to build a confident brighter future for your child.

Our aim is to promote the health and wellbeing of a child’s mental health, and, to promote children’s skills in learning coping techniques through meditation and mindfulness, to carry them through the stressful times in life.

Many children today struggle with mental health issues in an ever-increasing stressful world, and no one say’s to them…….

‘Hey, its ok to have mental health issues and we can work through them’

Through meditation and mindfulness techniques we help your child to find the space within their mind to get to know and understand themselves. What is a better feeling than knowing you are fully in control of your own mind & learn to be friends with your own mind, rather than thinking it controls you all the time. With this programme, it makes processing and resolving stressful emotional issues easier. As a child learns the techniques and is supported throughout the course, it helps them to realise they have the ability to deal with their problems, and, emotional misunderstandings become much easier to deal with.