Star Dragon Meditation Stories

Welcome to Star Dragon Meditation Stories.

Never thought you could get your child into meditation and mindfulness to help them calm down and process uncomfortable emotions.

Let the Star Dragon Meditation Stories help you and your child, with a simple 10 min meditation story. Comes as an A2 poster for your child’s bedroom wall.

They harness the power of helping your child sleep and de-stress easier, with 6 different short meditation stories, there are plenty to choose from.

Many children suffer unwanted uncomfortable emotions like anger, anxiety, nervousness, and they are not sure how to deal with these emotions, and it often comes out in behaviour issues at bedtime.

These meditation stories help your child to process these uncomfortable emotions, by using imagination and breathing techniques to calm their mind before they go to sleep. This brings their mind into calm in which they can then get to sleep easier, and the emotions are then processed and resolved better.

As your child reads and listens to the 10-minute story meditation story and MP3 downloadable audio, they are taken off into an imaginative journey with a star dragon and their friends.

Throughout the meditation story we simply get your child to breathe in and out, but when they breathe out, they imagine blowing out coloured breath the same colour of the dragon. This will calm and relax your child’s brain and body and prepare them for a better sleep.

They are a series of 6 different 10-minute, imaginative meditation stories for you and your child to read or listen to at bedtime. They have been written and recorded to help your child mentally and physically unwind, de-stress and calm down ready for sleep.

This enhances a deeper sleep in which the mind can process and dump stress, anxiety and any other uncomfortable emotions, during their sleep.

I encourage your child to breathe in deeply and imagine blowing out breath in the same colour of the dragon they are on a journey with, e.g., yellow star dragon, imagine breathing out yellow breath.

These breathing techniques really calm your child down, by releasing excess adrenalin left in the brain and body each day. It brings your child’s mind into a more relaxed brainwave ready for sleep, which then helps them process stressful emotions.

The star dragons visit different places such as Atlantis, The Golden Pyramids, The Centre of the Earth, Silver Star Forest, The South Pole, and The Magical Singing Crystal Caves.

I encourage your child to close their eyes and use their imagination along with the breathing techniques to have the most fun with the star dragons, whilst at the same time it is most effective way of relaxing their minds.

We encourage your child to think the star dragons are here to help them with any uncomfortable emotions and nightmares and bad dreams. This also helps to calm your child before sleep.

Simply pick which star dragon you wish to listen to and relax, close your eyes, and get ready for your journey.

Designed for 7-11 year-olds or anyone who loves dragons.

Each pack contains:

1 x Poster

2 x Crystals (please state heart or star shape)

1 x Zox washable/reversible wristband with “Focus on the Positive” quote, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Downloadable MP3 audio.

Price: £24.99 inc p&p uk

Available as poster only £15.00 inc p&p uk.

The Star Dragons come from a star constellation known as Draco, it lies in the far northern sky above the North Pole, next to the Hercules star constellation. I have used the star constellation as a reference point for grounding your children, as this is something they can see from wherever they are in the world.

Each dragon is a different colour and each one has their own friend, and they take your child off on a different journey.

What do you do with the MP3 Download?

Settle your child down for bedtime and allow them to close their eyes if they wish and let them listen to the Star Dragon meditation MP3, or you can read it to them. Encourage your child to do the breathing techniques as they might not know how to do this at first, and it is ok if they fidget as sometimes the body moves to release the excess adrenalin, just keep encouraging the breathing techniques throughout as they listen to the story meditation.

How often should my child listen to the Star Dragon Story Meditations?

As often as you like as it will calm your child’s brain every time they listen to it.